ASMR Food Experience Brings Every Squishy Kitchen Sound To Your PC In New Steam Game

ASMR Food Experience Brings Every Squishy Kitchen Sound To Your PC In New Steam Game

Hertz so good.

Squid Game (MLP Edition)

Twilight and her friends were captured by mysterious ponies in a red suit. Because Twilight and her friends were famous for their defending the world from their previous enemies. The mysterious ponies create a game where they can win up to 4,560,000 bits. Eight ponies would play the game of Red Light, Green Light. Who will win the Squid Game Competition?

Rules: No flying and no magic!

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You are free to use this animation for fan posters, drawings, cartoons, or reactions.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Starlight, Sunset, the Frontman, and Squid Game staff’s voice is all provided by

Posters created for this Squid Game (MLP Edition)

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Soundtracks that are used in this animation. A big shoutout to them!

Squid Game – Unfolded… (Piano Tutorial by Javin Tham) OST Track #7

Symphony No. 5 (by Beethoven)

Blue Danube (by Strauss)

Squid game OST – Pink Soldiers theme remake by samoverdog

Way Back Then & I Remember My Name remake by Lugn music & remakes

[Synthesia] Toradora! OST – Lost my pieces (Piano) [Toradora!] by AnimeMidi

Squid Game – Fly Me To The Moon but its Lofi by prod. tomo beats

SFM models:
Squid Game Uniform –

Squid Game Staff –

Mane Six –

Starlight Glimmer –

Sunset Shimmer-

Squid Game Map by yycrit – &searchtext=squid+game

Red Light, Green Light is all pre-built by me


Source Filmmaker, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Topaz Video Enhance AI, and Audacity

This is made for entertainment purposes. All rights goes to Hasbro and Netflix.

0:00 Intro
1:23 Ddakji Game
1:43 Pink Soldiers
3:57 Hallway & Frontman Scene
4:40 Red Light, Green Light
10:00 Ending
12:30 Fly Me to the Moon Sequence

ASMR �� My MOST Relaxing Breath of the Wild Video Ever ��️ Close Up Ear to Ear Whispering

In celebration of the new BOTW 2 news, I thought we’d head back into Hyrule for some ultimate Breath of the Wild relaxation 🙂 Pop on some headphones to hear fun facts about The Legend of Zelda whispered into your ears as I visit my favorite spots in the game!

00:00 ~ The Great Plateau
10:28 ~ Satori Mountain
18:18 ~ Hateno Village
25:02 ~ Kakariko/Great Fairy Fountain
31:23 ~ The Stables
39:39 ~ Tarrey Town
44:18 ~ Traveling

Lots of love,

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✨ My equipment ✨
Mics: RØDE NT1-A x2
Camera: Pansonic Lumix G7
Game capture: OBS
Editing software: Sony VEGAS Pro

Girl Has Intense Itch Inside Nose – Visits Doctors And Makes Horrifying Discovery

Girl Has Intense Itch Inside Nose – Visits Doctors And Makes Horrifying Discovery

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Scraper vs iPhone | Ice Cream Rolls – ASMR

Scraper vs iPhone | Ice Cream Rolls – ASMR
4k Food Video – no talking Experiment
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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)
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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
We love to show you our daily Videos with oddly satisfying ASMR Content, relaxing Sounds to sleep and 4k 60fps Video Quality.
Fast rough ASMR Food Videos with tapping, scratching, eating Mouth Sounds and ear to ear Tingles – intense binaural Sounds / no talking.
It´s all about rolled fried Ice Cream – made out of everything.
ايس كريم رول اسكريم فوري ايسكريم РОЛЛ МОРОЖЕНОЕ ไอติมผัด 炒雪糕