Avengers Directors Love The Idea Of Chris Evans As Wolverine

Avengers Directors Love The Idea Of Chris Evans As Wolverine

Anything is possible in the MCU.

Avengers 4: End Game | Sebastian Stan Says “Hugh Jackman Will Return as Wolverine” – 2018

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Director de Avengers Confirma rumor acerca de Chris Evans como Wolverine

El mismísimo director de Avengers Endgame confirmó o desconfirmó la teoría de poder ver al actor en la pantalla grande como Wolverine, y que de hecho le gustaría que así fuera ya que le va bastante ese estilo.

Russo Brothers Talk New Wolverine and MCU Secret Wars! Exclusive Interview

The Russo Brothers, creative team behind some of the MCU’s biggest heroes and movies like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame, sat down with Phase Zero to talk about their most prized collectibles, who should be the new wolverine, and even a little Secret Wars.

Wolverine is set to make his MCU debut shortly, and the Russo Brothers have a surprising take on which existing marvel actor should take over the role from Hugh Jackman for the new film.

We also asked them what their most prized collectible or nerdy item was, from super rare comics to one of a kind marvel concept art they got working in the MCU.

And with Avengers Endgame over, and marvel headed for a new big crossover event, we of course had to ask them if Secret Wars would be the next big event in the MCU.

All that and more in our Phase Zero exclusive interview with Marvel’s Russo Brothers!

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Chris Evans Recast as a Wolverine Variant ��

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