Mega Man Battle Network 4 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

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Megaman BN4 Vs Battle- Using REAL Chips!

A PVP Fight in mmbn4’s ‘Operation Battle’ mode, whee you have to fight using Psychical battle chips! This is as close to a Real Net Battle, as you can get in an English game

You can find OJ’s channel here:

get your own battle chip gate here: &camp=1789 &creative=390957 &creativeASIN=B0002SRHRE &linkCode=as2 &tag=b0ec39-20 &linkId=7MOE5D4Q2WKXAVOL

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Romhack Review: Rockman EXE 4.5 “Battle Network Style”

We have a treat today! Blade takes a look at the “Real Battle Network Style” romhack for Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation, as well as the Localization patch! Both of these patches were made by the modders on Rockman EXE Zone forums.
Originally, Rockman EXE 4.5 was stuck in “Operation Battle” mode, to the dismay of many Battle Network fans, but this patch restores the original style of gameplay used in Battle Network 4. Let’s see how it turned out! Embark on an intergalactic journey with Atomic Runner Sega. Immerse yourself in a science-fiction universe filled with non-stop action, unexpected twists, and a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Link to the Localization Patch:

Link to the Real Battle Network Style Patch (Update 5 Version):

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Mega Man Battle Network 4 All Souls, Battle Chips and Program Advances

Both Red Sun and Blue Moon souls and chips are included. Battle Chip Gate chips are in as well.


0:00 Souls
6:04 Normal Chips
30:13 Battle Chip Gate Chips
33:07 Mega Chips
43:19 Secret Chips
49:45 Giga Chips
52:44 Dark Chips
53:59 Program Advances

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Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon Code Breaker Cheat Codes GBA (My Boy)

Code Breaker Cheat Codes For Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon (USA) Version GBA.

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Move list, Super, Special, Etc.:


Master Code Must Be On
27B0CCE2 AAAF9985
160DEE65 2C1F5955

Infinite HP
67D877DD 4D37C5F6

Max HP
F4F1EFC2 C536F678

Infinite Zenny
CF9E65A2 643185EB

Easy Enemies
9008AFE1 F8117E44
85748A84 FC2E27DD
FBBA951A 8939B0F5

Full Custom Bar
BA7A342F 91DE9F39

Full Chip Select
E84C9E88 BAC57933

Full Movement
004C9023 1C47BF77

Have All Sub Chips
44E437C4 3D2BC882

No Random Battles
A0B2EE68 8A25021E

Have All Key Items
1D7BBCA3 2123AD4F

Max Bug Frag
B4732AFA B145C5B4

Chips Do 9,999 Damage
5D97AA53 0F59216A
B6084F13 01E26FA7

Max Attack
1C09FFDA F98184A9

Max Speed
BA9CD517 1DF26BA0

Max Charge
E0D43B47 972FD330

RegChip 99MB
4D07D7C4 8B90287C